Birds on the Ranch

Red Tailed Hawk on our fountain – August 17, 2014

Music: Craig Urquhart – Meditation – from the Album “Secret Spaces” (click on link to buy)

We have noticed that many guests that come here enjoy bird watching or are simply interested in what types of birds we have here at Jamesmont Ranch. For that reason, and the fact that one of our guests kindly created this list for us after his weekend bird watching at the ranch; we have decided to create a page dedicated just to bird watchers (Birders) and the species that you may find here. A huge thanks goes out to our friend and guest, Cole Burrell (our first official Birder), for his time and addiction to bird watching, and for creating this wonderful list for us! Cole also does garden and nature tours around the world. If you are interested in a great adventure head on over to his website, you won’t be sorry!

In addition, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful birder via email, Jonny Anderson. If you’re a birder or just interested in knowing the birds that you see on your travels, go to his website to get some great pointers.

All pictures below are from The Audubon Society Website and the links below will take you directly there for further information on each species. Click here if you want to go directly to their website now.



California Thrasher – What you will hear

California Towhee – What you will hear

Lawrence’s Goldfinch – What you will hear

Nuttall’s Woodpecker – What you will hear

Oak Titmouse – What you will hear


Acorn Woodpecker
 – What you will hear

Anna’s Hummingbird – What you will hear

Black Phoebe – What you will hear


California Quail – What you will hear

Dark-eyed Junco – What you will hear

Red-tailed Hawk – What you will hear

Western Scrub Jay – What you will hear

Spotted Towhee – What you will hear

Steller’s Jay – What you will hear

Violet-green Swallow – What you will hear

Western Bluebird – What you will hear

White-breasted Nuthatch – What you will hear

White-crowned Sparrow What you will hear



Recorded October 5-7, 2015